​​Color meanings

Did you know that colors can have a great influence on our mood, our way of acting and our thoughts? Each color has its meaning. Some can irritate you, others can calm you. The colors that are around you can have a lot of effect on you. Now I will show you the meaning of each color.


Yellow is the color that represents happiness, strength, energy and light. It is a very striking color, which can also irritate us. 


The color red represents love, blood and energy. Red is a color that attracts a lot of attention, that’s why most of the warning or danger signs are red.


The first thing we think of when we see the green color  is nature, trees and grass. Green represents hope and youth. A soft green color gives us security and peace.



Pink represents sweetness, gentleness and friendship. Many people consider it a feminine color.



The blue color represents water, the sky. It can also represent tranquility and freshness. Blue is a color widely used in companies, such as the Facebook logo.


The color blue represents mostly negativity, such as death, darkness and evil. The black color in the fashion world is elegance.


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