How is the Notre Dame Reconstruction Going?

As you might have heard, in the early months of 2019. The prosecutors haven’t found the cause of the fire, but they speculate that what led to the fire might have been a cigarette or even an electric malfunction. 

The fire was put down the next morning, luckily no one was critically injured. People around the world launched donation campaigns and after less than 48 hours there were more than one billion dollars donated for the reconstruction of the cathedral. Now, after almost a year, the reconstruction is still not completed, but it is almost done. The area most affected by the fire was the dry oak roof space.

After many months of reconstruction, in June 2019,  there was a “service” exclusive to the altar boys and congregation, where they had to wear white helmets to be near the altar. If they looked up they could see the sky through the holes in the roof. Now, the roof has been mainly fixed, and itis going through a discussion phase because people are debating whether it should be rebuilt with the same material as it was before or use a new one. The altar area has been mostly restored, along with many other areas.  To this day, the cathedral is still under repair and closed for visitors to enter. The people from Paris still don’t know when it is to open, but we all hope it will be open for the public soon.

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