10 ways to love yourself


What does it mean to love yourself? And how do  you actually love yourself?  For various reasons, many of us find out that loving others is easier than loving yourself. Why? Well, many times we are too harsh to ourselves, our inner critic, unhealthy relationships, toxic substances, and self-hurt. I know exactly how easy it is to perceive your own inadequacies. But it’s time to love yourself and treat yourself with the love you deserve.  

I’m going to show you 10 ways  to love yourself, step by step. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to know yourself, because it is impossible to love yourself if you don’t even know who you are. You need to discover what you believe, value, and like. 
  2. Say NO! For self-care, this is very essential. You need to let others know what you deserve and the respect you need. You are so valuable! 
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. Other people are not better or worse than you. They are just different from you. You have value just the way you are. Accepting yourself means there’s no need for comparisons. 
  4. Be honest with yourself. This can be harder than you think. Just be honest with yourself, even if the situation is very small. 
  5. Feel your feelings. Our feelings are emotions that make us who we are. Don’t let that drop. 
  1. Accept that some people won’t like you. Not every single person in the world needs to like you, that is O.K. Don’t waste your time trying to please everyone, that’s impossible, and probably you would discourage. Being yourself means you have to five up your people-pleasing ways and focus more on yourself.
  2. Ask for help when you need it. Another way to love yourself is to recognize when you need help. Asking for help is not making you weak, it is making you stronger. 
  3. Be with people that treat you with kindness and respect. Be with people that make you feel worthy. 
  4. Forgive yourself. This isn’t easier sometimes, but you need to forgive yourself to keep moving. You learn from your mistakes. 
  5. Make fun a priority. You need to have time to have FUN!

Esther Jun

Hi, my name is Esther. I’m a sophomore that loves to dance. I am from Bolivia. I love to eat pasta. A word that would describe me would be empathy.

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