11th Grade Reaching New Heights

Have you ever thought about how humans came to create cannons, guns, or rockets? Humans had to build projectile motion launchers, and also know some physics. Throughout the first quarter of this school year, eleventh grade students did the same thing! While learning the basics about physics, students needed to apply their new found knowledge into their final projects. They learned about acceleration, initial velocity, final velocity, displacement, vectors, and so many other topics that would later on help them develop the perfect projectile motion launcher.

When creating a projectile motion launcher, students needed to find a way so their project relied the least on human activity. Even though students could get ideas from other projects done around the world, it wasn’t an easy task. After developing a concept of the projectile launcher, they needed to find the materials they needed to make their concept into a real thing. Some concepts changed during the time they were being created but the main idea stayed the same, which was that a ball of the student’s choice would need to be shot at different angles.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, students were able to finish creating their projectile motion launchers. The final task was to find at what velocity the projectile was shot at, and if the launcher was consistent. Student’s would need to shoot their launchers at a 0 degree angle and with the distance the projectile went, and the height the launcher was originally at, they would have to calculate the velocity. It was not an easy task, but with their former knowledge and their desire to create something new, they were able to do it!

Here are some of the end results!

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