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11th Grade the Truth…Is It Really the Most Challenging Year of High School?

 “11th grade the truth– It is really the most challenging year of high school?”


Junior year is known for being the most challenging year of high school, where you should take the SAT, have a good GPA, do social work, take at least one AP course, participate in many school activities, and participate in at least one sport (or at least according to Ms. Caro). 

Moreover, you have the pressure of knowing that at the end of the school year you will have to write a college essay, and start thinking about where you want to go to college. A lot of pressure and stress come along with all these tasks and responsibilities. However, is it really that difficult? 

Honestly, yes. 

Personally, so far this school year has been extremely challenging, since I’ve been busy every day of the week, whether it is studying, working out, or doing an afterschool activity, such as soccer and cheerleading. However, I could definitely take it easy and drop out of my Ap classes, sports, and just chill. It really depends on you, and what your priorities are. Good luck to the upcoming Juniors, and for the current ones: remember it will be better next year.    🙂


Amelie Garron

Hi!! My name is Amelie Garron, I’m in 11th grade, and I love the gym and dancing. Moreover, I love to spend time with my friends and have unforgettable moments. My favorite subjects in school are Newspaper and Ap bio!

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