13 Day Quarantine Challenge

A couple of days ago, Bolivian President Jeanine Añez announced that Bolivia would continue to be in a strict quarantine until April 30th. Therefore, Bolivians have 13 more days of quarantine left, without being able to leave their homes. I understand that this quarantine is extremely stressful as well as boring, therefore I have created this 13-day quarantine challenge for you to enjoy at home! 

April 18th: Board games day: take out those old board games you haven’t used for a couple of years now. Complete a puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, play Monopoly, Cards, Poker…anything counts!

April 19th: Writing day: drink coffee and get some inspiration! Today is the day where you can start a journal, blog, or another form of writing. 

These are some writing prompts:

April 20th: Movie day: remember all those really long movies you chose not to watch or avoided them because they were truly long? Watch them now! You could also watch old classic movies.

April 21st: Yoga/meditation day: I bet that many of you have not done yoga or meditation at least once. Yoga and meditation really help to ease your mind and relax your body, which is great during these stressful times. Try a yoga or meditation challenge.

April 22nd: Spa day: today is the day where you treat yourself! Put on some music, a facemask (if you don’t have one I’ll put some at-home facemask recipes), and a bubble bath!

April 23rd: Art day: bring out the inside child of yours and try a coloring book! If you love art, explore your creativity by creating something new! 


April 24th: Social media day: instead of doing the same thing (watching Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms repeatedly), you could actually try to do something interesting with social media and create a new blog, or new creative content! You could create a new page with feed or aesthetic you love (for example, if you love to cook, create a new page with cooking ideas!)

April 25th: Social media art day: download applications such as Photoshop, Adobe Sketch, or other editing software and explore them! You’ll be surprised at how creative you can actually get.

April 26th: Workout day: learn new at-home workouts and try them out!

April 27th: Reading day: take out your favorite book, or download a book through Amazon or another platform, and start reading! Read as much as you can.

April 28th: Language day: many of us know no more than three languages. Therefore, it is a great time to learn a new language. Download the Duolingo app and teach yourself a new language. 

April 29th: Spend time with your family: many of us are with our families in our houses, yet we don’t spend time with them, we are actually trapped inside our rooms connected to our phones or computers. Therefore, you should spend a day simply enjoying the company of your family. You could play board games, make a picnic, or other fun activities.

April 30th: Organization day: organize everything you can! Organizing things such as your room has been proven to clear your mind. You should try it out! 

Matisse Lebl

My name is Matisse. I am a senior who loves horseback riding. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pizza. A word that would describe me would be CRAZYYY.

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