“13 Ways” A Smashing Success

I have never seen so many ways in which one can ruin a University interview. Sweating like a pig or farting were the ones that came into my mind, though the ones presented in the play made my day. “13 Ways to Screw Your College Interview” was a play directed by Mr. Ochs  and presented by his Drama class. The performance consisted of the interviews of many applicants with a University interviewer. Throughout each interview, each actor/actress personified a possible applicant. Some of these included a magician, popular highschool boys, girls with no self-esteem, and nonetheless the 4.0 GPA students. Towards the end of the performance, the interviewers (Sebastian Arduz and Ignacio Arteaga) come to the conclusion that none of the applicants were possible candidates. The reasons leading them to believe this was the character of each candidate. Even though there were some who demonstrated to have all the qualities, they thought that by threatening the interviewer they were already in. Others just didn’t know how their lacking extracurricular activities led them to end up in a college interview as a possible candidate.   

  All the actors and actresses who participated in the play made an excellent job interpreting their characters. Everyone knew their parts by heart. One could easily understand the scene due to the clarity of the voice and tone each student used. They all spoke clearly and used body gestures that were not distracting.

  It was a great idea for the class to choose a topic that most of us can relate to, since the majority of the audience were juniors and seniors who are searching or applying to Universities. By stating the obvious mistakes in an interview, such as spending too much time talking of oneself or answering the call in the middle of the interview, they showed us how easily it is to lose the opportunity of studying in a great University.

 The play presented by the drama class provided us with a variety of examples of the things we are not supposed to say or due. Presenting portafolios with no leadership, community service, or extracurricular activities is one of the few things that will lead the interviewer to dump your portfolio into the trash can. The hard work and dedication was well demonstrated. Congratulations Drama Class!  

Estefania Orihuela

My name is Estefania. I am a senior who loves the color turquoise. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is barbecue. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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