To all the Looney Tunes fans out there, I am delighted to announce some great news to you. But first, you will have to remember something. A little detail from your childhood.

“Space Jam” was a movie that marked most of our younger years. The simple idea of our favorite cartoon characters playing basketball with the great Michael Jordan, in order to save the world, seemed amazing and far beyond what we could possibly believe. Warner Brothers have shown their abilities to hook people to certain elements of their material. There are people who love basketball, there are people who love Bugs Bunny, and there are people who love Space Jam which is the best of both worlds.

For all of them, cartoon lovers and basketball lovers, Warner has come up with a new strategy to get you on your seat for a couple of hours again. Space Jam 2 is a project that will be developed between now and 2021 and guess what? The iconic player of the Lakers, LeBron James, will be the celebrity as Michael Jordan was many years ago. Will LeBron be able to save our galaxy as Jordan did? Are the Looney Tunes going to look for his help or is he the one who will need theirs? Will LeBron be a successful Hollywood actor?

We have no answers yet, but the one thing that we can be certain about is that there will be a sequel with the great NBA icon LeBron James.

Watch the first movie if you haven’t. That’s a must.

See you in 2021!

Sergio Gumucio

Sergio Gamucio, is a 12th grader. He writes Sports editorials and is part of the marketing group for the Newspaper Team. His favorite soccer team is Barcelona.

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