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2010s Review: What Should be Remembered

The 2010s have nearly come to an end. We, as teenagers, have experienced all the marvelous, thrilling, and heartbreaking events wholeheartedly; however, 10 years is a long time, and sometimes we even forget what we ate for breakfast yesterday. Therefore, I felt the need to make a brief review of what happened during the 2010s. For many reasons, the 2010s have consisted of remarkable events that would be on history books in the future. So let’s briefly go over them one by one.  

  1. The rise of smartphones

Smartphones changed literally everything; it changed how we live and how we interact and connect with another. Since the 2010s, almost everyone now has a smartphone of their own, and it is extremely hard to find someone who doesn’t. People are so familiar with companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, they don’t need further explanation. Again, the impact of it is beyond imagination. It has spread into our society so broadly that now it is almost impossible to live without one’s smartphones. 

  1. Netflix streaming

Do you remember the time when you rented or bought a DVD disk, put it in the player, and watch it happily from the sofa? Yeah me neither. Since Netflix, consumers can stream endless amounts of content anywhere they want. It completely changed the way movies and series are produced as well. The companies started focusing more on creating content that is more suitable for these services. We, as consumers, have changed drastically as well. Instead of going to the movies, we tend to watch whatever there is in Netflix comfortably at our houses. 

  1. Social media and influences

Social networking service, or simply SNS, drastically changed the way people view the world and others. Through this evolutionary service, we are able to take a closer look at other people’s lives and are also able to share our bright, flowery lives. Well, actually, no. Ever since its beginning, problems of privacy, fake news, and cyberbullying have accompanied the history of social media. It can be said that it is one of the major causes of depressions for many teenagers nowadays, as they feel they are constantly being compared to other people. Yes, it has its unique benefits, but its cons cannot be easily ignored. 

  1. Superhero syndrome

The movie business during the 2010s was dominated by two superhero franchises: Marvel and DC. Marvel Entertainment, for example, accomplished legendary Infinity Saga that consists of more than 27 movies that were released over a period of 10 years. Thanks to the improvement of special effect technology, the action of these movies were able to be more extreme as well as being more realistic. Especially for those who watched since the beginning of the series, they gave the impression that they are growing up with us. I, personally, will never forget the feeling of watching Iron Man as an elementary student and watching Endgame as a high-schooler. No series will ever give me the same sensation as this one.

  1. School shootings

Obviously, the 2010s have not always been flowery and enjoyable. The issue with school shootings has increased exponentially during the last decade. Increasing problems with bullying, religious conflict, discrimination, and social exclusions had led to these tragedies. It left many speechless, seeing people, sometimes students, mercilessly murdering other students inside the school, where the students should feel safe and be safe. It also led to the increasing questioning of gun regulations in the United States. People started questioning the true purpose of arms that are widely spread in the country with easy access. 

As you can see,  the 2010s have been, in many ways, a crazy decade. However, for many of us, it was the decade that flourished our childhood, our school-life, and teenage life we will never be able to have it again. It will be remembered as the most remarkable 10 years of my life for sure.

Keewan Kim

Keewan Kim is a 11th grader. He writes art editorials and is a Designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite movie is Toy Story 3.

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