2020 New Surprise!

The Conspiracy 

Joseph Gradisher, a navy official and the spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare has confirmed that the recently released videos of unidentified flying objects are real. He also declared that he would not speculate as to what the unidentified objects (U.F.O) seen in the videos were, but did say they were frequently proved to be unexciting objects like drones, not a mother ship.

Now, ever since these videos were proved to be real, I’ve been thinking that it might not be a coincidence. What if everything that is happening right now is not a simple event, but a prevention for something. Around these days of quarantine, many people have stated that they have seen unidentified flying objects and lights in the sky.  Wildfires in Australia along with covid-19, supposedly Kim Jong Un’s death, and political conflicts between two major powers, the U.F.O’s notice has had an impact on the world and made most of us happy. The question here is, what’s the next thing that 2020 has for us? Maybe an invasion, the rise of a new dictator, or simply immortality. We will have to wait with patience and watch-out for anything that seems suspicious. 


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