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3 Bad Habits that Show Lack of Self-Esteem

A life filled with toxicity is not created by bad luck or circumstance; it is created by a cycle of bad habits and a negative mindset, by conditioning and by repeated habits, consciously or unconsciously. Bad habits are continual practices that deteriorate the quality of your life. It could be mentally, physically, or spiritually. These bad habits could be the little things we do every day; the truth is, that bad habits are hard to break, but it is not impossible. If you want to eliminate these bad habits, you need to work on the gears of your mind, not creating an anchor around the circumstances and people in your life. 

Comparing yourself to others 

This bad habit of comparison drowns you in feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism, self-criticism, intense discomfort, loneliness, the urge to hide, aggression towards ourselves or others. Rather than moving forward, we are constantly taunted by the light of the other person, failing to realize that we carry so much more. 

You are going to live in misery if you keep doing this because comparison will lead you to dissatisfaction; this will cause you to despise yourself, and you will want to be someone else, but no matter how much you try to be like another person, you will fail. You are YOU, and nothing will change that, NOTHING, so might as well just accept who you are and start loving yourself; it’s either that or misery. When you stop focussing on the rest, you will discover the power and light that ONLY YOU are capable of possessing, and I assure you, that you will become unstoppable. 

Negative beliefs. 

Our thoughts are keys to our development and improvement. The thoughts we consume are capable of strengthening our lives or putting a stop to our growth and development. Negativity is a bad habit that creeps into our minds, configuring the shades of truth to falsehood.

These negative beliefs can be built from assumptions, challenges, criticisms, insecurities, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Constantly nursing negative beliefs is a quick trip to unhappiness 🙁

You cannot begin to change or eliminate bad habits if you don’t realize that they exist in the first place. The first step to creating any change in life is to realize a change needs to happen, so start by acknowledging the bad habits.

The mind of a man is capable of anything; you can alter your life to a progressive path through your thoughts. 

Crave For Approval And Validation

We as humans are constantly looking around for validation and a beam of approval from individuals, relationships, careers, and circumstances, and this bad habit deteriorates the happiness and quality of our life. 

Validation is a powerful substance that intoxicates the human mind with negativity. If you continually go down this path of seeking endless validation, you will be discouraged, your worth diminished and you will become powerless.

From social media validation to approval from our circumstances and family, everyone wants to be liked, everyone wants to be accepted, everyone is in constant search for influence, and failure to get such when we lack an internal balance can bring depression and anxiety.

The first step to stop seeking approval is to build internal validation. Know your limits, and the only limit is you.

Lack Of Authenticity (Following the crowd)

Struggling to be authentic can look like:

Being so concerned about what others think of you, that you stop acknowledging what you think of yourself. Wanting to be liked by others and crossing your own boundaries to achieve that goal, seeking external validation to feel a sense of worth, rather than striving for internal understanding and acceptance, changing the way you present yourself to accommodate those you are with, only to realize that you no longer know who you are. It’s so sad that a lot of us replicate a life of inauthenticity. Just by changing these habits, your life will flip around, and you will experience an inner transformation that you never knew could happen. 


Natalia Orihuela

My name is Natalia Orihuela and I am a junior at ACS. I love sports, nature, and traveling. Some words that describe me are confident and authentic.

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