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3 Reasons Why School Should Start Later

Many schools start around 8 am. Schools that start around 8 am are filled with teenagers who have not received their 8+ hours of sleep. Teachers are constantly giving out many homework assignments, which also causes students to sleep later. Research recommends more sleep for teens could significantly improve health and academic benefits. As teens’ brains develop, sleep patterns change. They do not fall asleep faster if school starts earlier, also their assignments keep them up throughout the night. Teens get sleep-deprived.

Recent research also found out that teens in schools that have a later start are healthier, their mental health improves, their grades improve, and many other aspects of their life.

Here are 3 reasons why school should start later:


  • 1. Sleep Has a Huge Impact on Teens Mental Health


Sleep patterns affect multiple aspects of their physical and mental health conditions. Studies now show that teens that don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have obesity, diabetes, depression, suicidal thoughts, and more. Studies have also shown that teens who do not get enough sleep, don’t produce enough hormones that regulate mood and satiety.



  • 2. Schools that Start Later Improve Teens Physical Health


Early school start times do not just affect mental ability and mood. They also have an impact on physical health. Sleep deprivation increases the risk for diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Researchers found out that a lack of sleep messes up hormone levels and puts additional stress on the body. When teens get up very early for school and do not go to bed until late at night, they may eat more than they would if they got an adequate amount of sleep.



  •  3. Schools that have a Late Start Promote Academic Success


As mentioned before, schools that start later promote academic success. Many studies show that late school starts are associated with better grades, higher test scores, and improved focus. Improved self-regulation can also result in fewer disruptions in class. Also, schools that start later are more likely to have fewer students who have suspension and detention.




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