5 Biggest YouTube Channels Right Now


  1. PewDiePie: This YouTube channel has 107 million subscribers. This 30-year-old Swedish king, Felix Kjellberg, loves to review memes and make vlogs. He has landed himself in hot water many times due to racial slurs, anti-Semitic videos, and sympathizing with Nazis. After all, fans are loyal to faults. 
  2. Kids Diana Show: With 63.7 million subscribers, videos of unboxings and simulated play with a bunch of new toys prospers on YouTube. For whatever reason, kids can’t get enough of watching other people play with toys they wish they had. 
  3. Dude Perfect: Currently with 53.4 million subscribers, wows the audience with jaw-dropping skills and a message of religious faith. They seek to impact lives with trick-shot devotees everywhere. 
  4. MrBeast: This one has 43.5 million subscribers, a 21-year-old known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a philanthropic fellow. Many of his videos are absurd stunts, such as him counting to 10,000 in one day or making punks on his friends. He became famous by giving most of his uploads a charitable leaning or coming up with challenges to give back.
  5. HolaSoyGerman: With 41.6 million subscribers, most of us know him from our earlier years. He is funny by just being himself. One suggestion: it is worth it.

Vanina Quiroga

My name is Vanina Quiroga, I am a senior who loves to eat candy. That’s like my main passion. Let us pretend I take the advice I give. ;)

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