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5 Signs That You Might be an Instagram Addict

Instagram has become one of the social media applications that we use on a 

daily basis. I know for a fact, that many of us have been using it even more 

during quarantine since we spend most of our time on our phones. Studies show 

that social media addiction is equivalent to gambling addiction. Studies also 

show that an Instagram addiction can cause mental health problems and 

depression. If you are showing any of the 5 following signs, you may be an

 Instagram addict.



  • Taking it personally when someone doesn’t like or comment on your post. 


 If you are taking likes and comments personally, to the point that a comment ruins your day or makes you mad, this might mean that you are an Instagram addict. Unfortunately, this means that you look for approval on social media and that your happiness is depending on this, and not on what is happening in real life. Just because someone doesn’t comment or like your Instagram post, it does not mean that they don’t like you. 



  • Posting causes you to have stress 


If you’re stressing about posting the perfect picture and text, this might also be a sign that you have become an Instagram addict. We all know that there is a whole process of posting the perfect picture, first is the editing of the picture, then trying to find the perfect caption, then trying to get the number of likes desired. It is okay to want to post a new picture but as I mentioned before if this is causing you stress and anxiety it is a sign of an Instagram addiction.



  • Deleting post that does not get enough likes


The third sign that you are an Instagram addict is if you stress when the picture goes live and doesn’t get the likes desired. The picture that you post should be for you to like, it isn’t for everyone to like. Many people will not think like you and that’s okay. You should not be stressing over a picture, it is not worth it. You can’t expect every post to do amazingly well. Your self-worth isn’t determined by the number of likes you get, but by who you are. 


  • Constantly Checking The Profiles Of People You Hate.


If you’re checking the profiles of people that you hate, that gets you down. We should check profiles that give us an added value to our life. Unfortunately, you can spend so many minutes and hours scrolling through pictures of people that you don’t like. Spending so much time on something that is unnecessary is not worth it. 


  • You can’t stop scrolling                                                                                            If you can’t make it through a single task without stopping to check Instagram, you could have an Instagram addiction. It could be watching a show on Netflix or cooking dinner, maybe it’s having a conversation with your mom but you’re constantly checking Instagram. Not posting because you want to. You’re posting because you have to, which is also a sign of Instagram addiction. 







Isabella Navarro

Hi, my name is Isabella Navarro, I’m in 10th grade, I love cooking, I’m from La Paz, Bolivia. A word that would describe me is caring.

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