A Miracle

I think it is no surprise that some people are beginning to leave their houses. I mean, we have been in a total quarantine for over 70 days. People are starting to go crazy inside their homes. They are fighting with their parents, or their brother, or even themselves. 

Luckily, I have not been fighting with my mom. We are watching movies together, cooking together, and even playing with my dog. 

But I do miss going outside. I remember how many times I went out with my friends and talked about our lives. Now, when people text me “What’s up”, I do not know what to say because I have been doing the same thing for the past 70 days. 

Something changed last weekend. I was watching a cooking show with my mom, and I suddenly said, “I’m craving some sushi”. I had not eaten outside of my house ever since quarantine started, and I missed eating out. My mom said, “Do you want to order sushi?”. Of course I wanted to. I shrieked and smiled instantly. My mom gave me a hug and we started to look for a sushi place that was open.

I downloaded PedidosYa, Yaigo, and many other food delivery services. All of these places were either closed, or had too many people on the site, so I was not able to order.

Then, I remembered. My friend, Lucilla, had posted in her Instagram story a couple days earlier that she had eaten sushi. I grabbed my phone and texted her: “LUCILLA DONDE COMPRASTE ESE SUSHI.” She told me she bought it from New Tokyo, and my mom went to their Facebook page and saw that they were doing delivery. She called the store, and ordered sushi. I had never been so happy during quarantine.

An hour later, my doorbell rang. I went running to open the door. And there he was. The delivery man. Instead of holding some roses and chocolates, he was holding my order. I smiled at him, he looked confused. He gave me the sushi, I paid him, and he left. I opened the door to my kitchen and I happily ate my sushi.


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