A New way the Coronavirus keep spreading

This pandemic that is affecting the whole world started affecting some animals as well in the first days of April. Even Though animals can get infected, it is well thought that they cannot transmit the virus to humans. The Bronx Zoo of New York, was where the Malayan tiger Nadia with the age of 4 years old acquired the coronavirus due to having contact with his guardian. The tiger’s guardian was a coronavirus transmitter. At the same time Nadia spreads the virus with other animals, including two more tigers, and two African lions. That diagnosis was confirmed by a veterinarian laboratory in Iowa. This confirms the study that between felines, they can transmit to other felines.  It was believed that felines could only be infected.

During these days, towards the end of April In North Carolina, USA, Winston gave positive results in the coronavirus test. Winston is a dog of the breed Carlino Pug, which showed some symptoms like coughing. Due to this, the owners of the pet thought that Winston was coughing because of his dog breed, which usually develops breathing problems. The Mclein family, the mom, dad, and one of the sons were all infected and transmitted the virus. The family is certain that the dog acquired the virus, due to them transmitting it to him. \

The dog’s symptoms only lasted for a couple of days, and they were not severe at all. These symptoms implicated: static, sneezing, and breathing difficulties. The symptom that got their attention the most was, is that he wasn’t eating. Experts from the agriculture department in the USA said that there is no evidence that pets can transmit the virus to humans. People should not worry about transmitting the virus to their pets. 

The Centers for control and prevention of diseases recommends the treatment of pets in the same way humans are treated. Pets should also be isolated from any person in the family that has the virus, and should not interact with people outside their house environment. Duke university investigators found out that the coronavirus was taking place in Winston’s tongue, and they were also surprised by the long diameter of the tongue of that specific breed. Everybody concludes that pets have an immensely important role in our homes during this time. They Grant us love, peace, and harmony.

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