A Plastic World

Does thinking about the amount of plastic that swirls in our oceans and planet, killing and hurting multiple species of animals, haunt you every time you throw away a soda bottle? Plastic that is thrown in bodies of water can release harmful chemicals which will be absorbed by the surrounding soils throughout the entire globe. Organisms that consume these harmful chemicals will experience serious consequences, and this is just a fraction of what plastic waste has done to our world and its living organisms.

Imagine a solution where plastic could be removed from our planet and reused to build plastic roads. Through various attempts and experiments, this solution has become a reality. Plastic roads will not only address the issue of pollution in our ecosystem, but these roads will last three times longer than regular roads, they will eliminate a significant amount of traffic disruptions, and they will solve piping problems practically overnight.     

In order to make this solution into a reality, several people have begun the process of converting plastic into roads. Toby McCartney, an engineer, discovered that plastic waste received in southern India was being retrieved to be placed into holes in roads and melted. Once the plastic melted into the holes it would harden and naturally fill them. When McCartney returned, he spoke to his co-workers, and together they decided to create a new material from recycled plastic specially designed for making roads. After extensive research McCartney and his team successfully transformed a mix of waste plastic into pellets that could replace the oil-based yes material, bitumen, that holds asphalt together in roads.

Transforming plastic into roads will not only solve the global issue of recycling plastic waste by giving it a new and durable purpose, but the roads will also be a lot lighter and hollow, making the ecological footprint a lot smaller. The amount of carbon released in our environment will also decrease significantly due to plastic roads. With this new invention, pollution will greatly be reduced in our world and humanity may be given a second chance at taking care of the environment.    


Michelle Bordignon

Michelle Bordignon is a 12th grader. She writes science editorials and is a Project Manager for the Newspaper Team. Her favorite drink is rose water.

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