A Ranking of the International Artists in Cochabamba

As many of our secondary students know, at the festival “Non Stop the Madness”, four famous international artists sang. Now, I will be giving you my opinion on which ones were the best. 


Rauw Alejandro: Best known for his album “Vice Versa” and his song “Todo de ti”, Rauw Alejandro actually stole Bolivian hearts. His show was simply amazing. He had flow, knew how to dance perfectly, and also knew how to make the perfect concert. People all around me had an amazing time, and this is an understatement. People are still talking about the concert. Congratulations Rauw, you are in the first place. 



Tini: Many of you may know Martina Stoessel for her participation in the Disney show “Violetta”, but now she is best known for her songs “Bar” and “Miénteme.” Tini also amazed her Bolivian fans. First of all, every single man in the festival fell in love with her. She has an amazing voice, knows how to dance, and definitely knows how to keep her public “wanting more.” Congratulations Tini, you are in second place. 


Cauty: Best known for his cooperation in the song “Lloras – Remix,” Cauty holds a special place in my heart. Not only does he understand all of the heartbroken women, but he is also a great guy. A couple of the ACS students had the pleasure of meeting him personally; he was kind and welcoming. Congratulations Cauty, you are in third place. 


Jhay Cortez: Best known for his cooperation in the songs “Dakiti” and “Fiel – Remix,” Jhay Cortez did put on an awesome show for his Bolivian fans, but not one that compared to that of Rauw and Tini. He does sing amazing songs and he does dance well, but sadly this time you are in fourth place. 

Vanina Quiroga

My name is Vanina Quiroga, I am a senior who loves to eat candy. That’s like my main passion. Let us pretend I take the advice I give. ;)

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