A weird sport “Cheese Rolling”

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Cheese rolling is a weird activity, that is also called a sport. It is ranked as one of the weirdest sports. This is a physical activity that is extremely dangerous for the competitors , but super entertaining for expectators. One gets to watch tons of people competing to win the race. This race consists of people running down-hill as fast as they can. This specific mountain has holes in it, to make the race harder and more extreme for the competitors. While running in the mountains, they have to chase a cheese. The referee will roll the cheese before the competitors start the race. The first to get the cheese before the end of the path wins. The race is funny because the people competing are falling throughout the race. The ”athletes” that will compete in this race will have the risk of constantly falling, it’s a scenario in which they may get hurt. Most of the time people competing in the race are willing to take the risk, and try to win the race. The winner in most cases will be famous due to the videos produced, or filmed during the course of the race. This sport will always have a doctor during the race due to all the injuries that may be produced.

Jorge Salinas

My name is Jorge Salinas. I am a junior. I love soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be funny.

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