A World Without Art

A world without art. What does it look like to you? Art is not just what we see on paintings and drawings. In fact, art is an expression of our emotions, thoughts, and instincts. Dancing is art, music is art, photography is art. If all of that were to disappear in a split second, what would be left? Would it look like an empty space, or would it look the same just with fewer objects on the walls? Would your free time activities drastically change? There is no doubt we would lose those forms of expressions. The world would simply be numbers and letters. Our limitations would be tremendous. After thinking this through, take your time to look around and admire the world around you. Open your sketchbook and draw even if you don’t think you are good enough. Blast some loud music to dance or sing from the top of your lungs. If no art existed, would a dull, grey world be a world worth living in?

Kathryn Smith

My name is Katie Smith. I am a sophomore who loves sports and drawing. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pesto. A word that would describe me would be kind.

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