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The origin of mandalas is from India. The word mandala means “magic circle” or “sacred circle.”  Nowadays, mandalas are everywhere like in meditation stores, or on the internet. Mandalas for Hinduism and Buddhism represent the circle of life. These cultures use mandalas for meditation, and it is a way to reconnect with the body and spirit. Mandalas are also used as a tool for psychological and healing therapies, due to the benefits of painting and observing them. Coloring mandalas brings many benefits to children and teenagers, as therapy and relaxation. It is also an anti-stress exercise that allows you to disconnect from the worries of everyday life and allows you to take a break. Painting mandalas helps you to develop patience and attention to order your thoughts and ideas. When coloring a mandala, you can see that each color has a meaning:

  • The violet color has a meaning of imagination and spirituality.
  • Blue represents calm, patience and happiness.
  • Green expresses balance, nature and healing.
  • Pink means sweetness, friendship and charm.
  • White represents purity, perfection and sincerity.

Luciana Rodas

My name is Luciana Rodas and I am a junior at ACS. My favorite food is pasta.

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