Activities that Have Been Keeping Me Busy During Quarantine

As many of you may know, this time of quarantine can be very boring and many people may be just looking at their ceiling without any activities to do. Well I’m in the same situation. I  am super bored. But I have some activities you can do and something you can work on. For example, I have been doing homework, playing basketball, and cleaning my room, closet, and all my house. Some other activities for the morning are helping with the cleaning of your house, like making your bed, cleaning your room and cleaning your bathroom. Other good activities and ones that will help you and your body is exercising. 

All these activities can be good to be busy and not bored all day. Sometimes you can just clear your mind and watch the ceiling but it is better for you to do some activities and physical work. Just be positive and have a positive mindset because this will all pass and everything will be good!!!


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