Activities to do at home while Quarantined

These quarantine times can be VERY stressful for all of us. No one is safe from being bored, even the most creative and ingenious people get bored staying at home all day. Since we are still students, the majority of our day is taken up by online school and all the work that goes along with school, but that still leaves us with a ton of time left over each day. I personally get really bored during that time, I either watch Netflix all afternoon, watch YouTube all afternoon or take a 3-hour nap that leaves me with no sleep in the night. I also try to implement some type of exercise to somewhat stay in shape for the very unlikely Friendship Games. Some very creative people have made some interesting activities to do while staying at home; some might take some effort to do but I am sure they will pay off one way or another. 

First off, I will start with fitness and exercise. I know it might get very repetitive hearing people saying that you need to stay in shape, but they are right, you should stay in shape. Doing some type of exercise can decrease your chances of having a heart disease or condition, manage your blood sugar and insulin, or even improve your mental health and mood. At least, once you are bored at home one of these days, try to do some type of exercise; it can be at your own pace since not everyone is used to constant physical activity, but you should give it a try.  Who knows, you might even get into the habit of exercising and completely change your life around due to your new hobby. 

Some useful exercises or routines I found that worked for me is doing low-intensity exercises every day for around 30 minutes. Here I would change up the part of the body that I am using. On Monday I might work on legs and abs, Tuesday might be biceps and triceps, Wednesday might be chest and back, Thursday I usually take off or repeat a days exercise depending on my level of energy that day, and Fridays I would work on back and shoulders. One of the complications I had when starting to do these activities is the lack of equipment that I had at home, compared to the equipment available at the gym, but there is no issue in not having equipment because your body can be your weights! There are tons of these exercises that are accessible to you at any moment of your day; these might include push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and many others. 

Moving on, I would say that this activity might be controversial because some people really enjoy it but others simply do not see the point of it. Obviously, I am talking about cooking or baking. As I said before, some people might not enjoy this activity, but if you have not tried it, it might be a good idea to give it a try. There are infinite recipes and ideas for what to cook online, and there are some interesting apps that let you put in the ingredients that you already have at home and there you get the special recipe. Now, obviously you should keep your food somewhat healthy due to the reduced exercise we all have, but a cheat meal every now and then does not hurt anyone. Personally, I would recommend a brownie recipe that had Oreos inside, that is something you cannot miss out on and will not regret eating afterward.

   Some other activities that you can do at this time of quarantine are learning to do some new things. These can be learning how to speak another language, learning how to program online, meditating, or even making some new music with online instruments. These all are things that you can do with the help of your computer or any device that connects to the internet, so you have no excuse not to at least try these things. 

Joaquin Balsells

My name is Joaquin Balsells. I am an 11th grader who loves basketball and riding motorcycles. I am from Argentina. My favorite food is a hamburger. A word that would describe me would be athletic

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