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After school activites

Since the start of the 2022-2023 school year, after school activities have been available for all students. Between these activities are volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, and knowledge bowl. Compared to last year, we now have less after school activities. And if you are wondering what happened to basketball, it is now a before school activity. 

During last year’s friendship games, we all realized that we needed much more training if we wanted to win. Something good I’ve realized is that the coaches have made PE more centered in the sports that are practiced during friendship games. Because of the pandemic, people in our school have gotten out of shape, which is slowing our way to victory down.

Although the school encourages physical activity and health, I feel students don’t know what exactly is eating healthy. This comes within practicing any sport since it has been proven that eighty percent of physical changes are done with the right nutrition. After school activities and training are key to winning any kind of competition. Any kind of training regarding your sport, not including after school practices, are also important, it can be playing during the breaks or even just for entertainment purposes.


Hello, my name is Joaquin Garron and I am a sophomore. My favorite food is sushi and my favorite activity is hanging out with my friends.

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