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Algebra 2! Watch what you’re doing!!

Listen up, all 10th and 11th graders who are taking Algebra 2,

I have a question, is Algebra 2 hard? You will definitely shout out, “Algebra 2 is hard, it is not useful. I just want to give up!!” Some would say, “It is easy and fun!!” I know, Algebra 2 is hard for the majority of students, but please, don’t give up. Whether math is “your thing” or something you are terrified of, Algebra 2 is a course you should take no matter what. Here’s why.

Algebra 2 is a math course in high school that includes linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic expressions, sequences and series, probability, and trigonometry. Majority of people say that Algebra is not useful for our life, but in my opinion, it is important for many jobs. For engineering, calculus is necessary. Calculus is based on Algebra 2. As a result, Algebra 2 is vital for engineering. For business, statistics is important. Statistics is also based on Algebra 2. In conclusion, Algebra 2 is essential for business. For these reasons, Algebra 2 is important and it is necessary. 

I have another question, what class do you want to take next year? You will definitely answer, “Pre-calculus!”. The minority of students will say, “AP calculus AB!!” But no one would say, “Statistics”

I will give you an advice. Pre-calculus is a review of Algebra 2. If you struggled even a little in Algebra 2, then you better take Pre-calc next. Some students who take AP Calc can’t even proof (cos x)^2-(sin x)^2=cos(2x) which was mentioned in Algebra 2. If you have not mastered Algebra 2, I don’t recommend taking AP calc next year. 

Take Pre-calc

  • If you struggled in Algebra 2 even one unit
  • If you didn’t understand one topic in Algebra 2
  • If you still need to review Algebra 2
  • If you don’t feel challenged for AP Calculus
  • If you don’t want to take online classes
  • If you want to receive a good GPA next year
  • If you don’t want to take an AP Exam next year

Take AP calc AB

  • If you mastered all the topics in Algebra 2
  • If you didn’t struggle for any topics in Algebra 2
  • If you feel challenged for taking hard mathematics

Take Statistics

  • If you don’t care about calc or pre calc
  • If you don’t feel challenged

As a result, if you want to take AP calc AB next year, then you have to master all the topics in Algebra 2 and study hard for all the topics. 

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