Almost Arrested in Cochabamba

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During CWW, my brother and I found ourselves in a stressful situation as the 11th-grade group was leaving the beautiful region of Toro Toro. We were in the Cochabamba airport looking for some headphones as we were interested in buying a pair. We began our journey towards an electronics store where we looked at various cheap copies of Airpods and eventually left the store unsatisfied. The store owner approached me questioning the location of 2 of the Airpods that we were seeing. I went towards my brother and asked him if he had any idea where they were, leading him to check his pockets and finding a pair of display Airpods. Among finding these, he immediately returned them to the store. As there was still a pair missing, my brother was taken into interrogation was searched, for the headphones. As Taborga started to laugh at the situation that we were in and the police officer “Jimenez” even told Taborga to shut up. Finally, after constant insulting and fighting, we paid for the headphones and went back to La Paz.

Borja Echevarria

My name is Borja Echevarria. I am a junior who loves motocross. I am from Spain. My favorite food is shrimp. A word that would describe me would be balanced

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