Am I Tik Tok Famous?!?

Am I Tik Tok Famous?!?

Moira La Fuente

I think that all of you are familiar with Tik Tok by now. It is a type of app similar to Musically or Vine. (RIP)

Believe me, I did not know what Tik Tok was until I went to Tarija. Vanina was my roommate and all the time I would see her learning choreographies to popular songs. She would clap and move her hands in weird ways. I thought it was an absurd waste of time, until she showed me how many views one of her videos got. 57,600 VIEWS! Can you believe that? 57,600 people watched one of Vanina’s videos. I suddenly wanted to create a Tik Tok account, dance, and get all those views!

I ended up not creating an account. But I did learn many famous Tik Tok dances. Renegade, for example, is one of the most viral dance choreographies, and due to the amount of times Vanina and other friends danced to the beat of that song, I ultimately learned it.

Now I see every middle schooler, high schooler, and even elementary student at school dancing to some type of viral Tik Tok dance. Is this a new apocalypse? A Tik Tok apocalypse?

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