American Football at a university level

Also known as college football. American football is a sport where great physical condition is required as well as very well-developed bodies. It is played in two teams that are always against each other. Football is an incredibly hard sport, the player combines physical characteristics, fast thinking, and a lot of bravery. There are levels to play football as in any sport. An extremely competitive level of football is in university/college. It is very hard to be part of a team that plays at the university level because the level of quality and competition amongst college football teams are very high..  There are long hours of training to be a semi-professional football player. That is why most football players give up in the process.


As in every sport, the university level might be the hardest. Most of the guys are trying to get an opportunity to play and demonstrate their skills.  This could be a hard process to complete. But, with enough work and effort these players reach their goals. The level that is required at university is hard to reach. The reason why it is very competitive is that most young athletes try to show their skill and benefit from it, such as being drafted to the NFL to be a professional player. Like in soccer. Football is the best sport to show strength and a very good form of entertainment.


Kengui Condori

Hi I am Kengui Condori, I am in 12th grade. I love to play soccer and all kind of sports. I am from Bolivia and I love to eat salteña.

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