AP Exams incoming…

Welcome to the second semester of the school year. We are a couple of weeks away from AP Exam season, so those who take AP classes should be ready to study. May is the month of AP exams, so be prepared. Do not sweat because I am here to help you get organized. 

  • The Exam Date

Many of you are not even aware of when you will be taking the test. So, what are you doing? Log into your College Board account and look it up when taking the test. It is essential to know this beforehand. 

  • Organize a Schedule to Study 

Now that you know your schedule, how about you start planning how you will organize your time to study? Try making your study sessions short but constant, and as May gets closer, try to make those study sessions more extended and more productive. Of course, always know your limit and do not stress yourself out; balance it out, so if you feel too tired one day, try moving it to a time you will be more comfortable. 

  • Check your material 

What unit are you currently studying in class? How many more do you have to check? Log back into the College Board and check how many units your tests cover. Once you have that information, talk with your teacher about the missing material. Do not always rely on your teachers so maybe have some time to study older units and start moving forwards with the material. 

  • Study Groups 

I feel like this one is obvious. Gather some of your friends from your AP class and create a study group together. Decide when to meet and what you will be discussing. I promise that it will help you and others understand the material much better. Plus, being in groups makes studying less tedious and stressful.

Colette Lhuillier

Hi, my name is Colette, and currently, I am a junior at ACS. I have a lot of different hobbies, but mostly enjoy taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Current show obsession: Spiderman and Daredevil.

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