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AP Physics? Do we really need in this school?

How many students like science?

Do you think there are enough science classes in our high school?

There is Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Physics, Honors Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP ES. Well this year, we don’t have AP Biology.

Looks like there is enough, but is there AP Physics? Not really, but there used to be AP Physics 1 in our school. Truly speaking there aren’t many students who want to take AP Physics because it is really hard. There are 3 kinds of AP Physics, actually 4. AP Physics 1 is like Honors Physics, but a little harder, AP Physics 2 is harder than 1, but it covers different topics. AP Physics C, who would try this. Truly speaking, I am the only one who is preparing for this exam. The minimum criteria to take this course is AP Calculus BC because this course includes calculus. There are 2 kinds of AP Physics C, Mechanics and E&M. I am sure that no one would take this course, cause less than 10% of a grade usually achieved until AP Calculus BC. Before 2016, there wasn’t AP Calculus BC in our school. Even students in AP Calculus BC don’t want to take AP Physics C except one or two students. In conclusion, we don’t need AP Physics in our school. If you want to take AP Physics, try taking it online or study with a book and only take the AP exam. You can also ask me if you want to take AP Physics. 

Although we don’t need AP Physics, we still need to think about AP Biology and AP Chemistry. This is also hard to understand, in the even-odd years(like 2018-19), there is AP Biology, and in the odd-even years(like 2019-2020), there is only AP Chemistry. This is unfair for some students. There are some 10th grade students who want to take AP Chemistry next year, but next year is AP Biology. Some next year 10th graders might take AP Biology with 11th and 12th graders. They have to wait for 2 years. And when they become a senior, there would be some juniors taking the same class. They would think it is unfair. My advice for this is to open both AP Biology and AP Chemistry every year like AP Environmental Science. 

As a result, we don’t need new science courses in our school, it is relatively enough for most students. However, I suggest our school offers both AP Biology and AP Chemistry every year like AP E.S. I really wish that there would be AP Chemistry next year.

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