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For years people believed that someday we would have the chance to use technology in a manner only seen in movies or fiction stories: Augmented reality software (AR). This technology could provide us daily software usage such as google, instagram, and even netflix through virtual simulation. There is a rumor going around that Apple has been developing glasses with this technology since 2017 and is soon to be announced. These glasses will cost approximately five hundred dollars sources say and can be used through specific hand gestures that will later be revealed. There will not be a tinted version of these glasses as the display using AR won’t be seen by the consumer. Apple has also been seen creating and brandishing a bunch of patents explaining how specially-designed lenses could be used to cast images on a user’s eye, and how a touchscreen surface (like an iPhone or an iPad) could be used as a controller. If this new tech is released it will be revolutionary and set the bar in terms of the way tech companies build their products.

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