Apple’s Idea of Marketing is Not Working

Apple has been one of the leaders in technology since the 1980s, developing laptops, cellphones, tablets, headphones and more. Their 2020 “basic” ecosystem is worth more than $3000, exactly $3250. It is overly expensive, but, people still buy this and don’t care about the price that is being set.. 

Last Wednesday, April 15, Apple dropped a new iPhone, a “cheaper”  iPhone. They said this has the same capabilities as a normal iPhone 11, the only feature that is missing is face id and the three lenses. They dropped this new cellphone in the worst time possible, right now Coronavirus is taking control of the world and Apple’s strategy to calm people down is giving people something cheaper, something that people can’t even afford. I don’t have a clue if Apple still remembers that the world is in quarantine and some of us can’t work or go out of our homes to buy a new phone. They announced that this cell phone was going to ship out to homes and that it was going to be carefully delivered. 

 Apple could have waited sometime so they could start selling new products so people can get back on their feet and try to afford this $400 phone. Yes it is obvious they had some kind of strategy by delivering an easier way for the people not to get out of home, but, the point is that people should be working and trying to go back to what life was like before the virus. In my honest opinion I hope we all can get through this, I miss being outside and especially having social interactions with people. My 18th birthday is in one day and I wish I was outside celebrating it already. But no, I will be stuck here looking at Apple’s new iPhone and whining about it.

Matias Taborga

My name is Matias Taborga. I am a junior who loves life. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be notorious.

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