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Are New Year Resolutions Worth It ?

What are New Year’s Resolutions? Are they essential? Are they inspirational or motivational? Are they goals? What is the purpose of New Year’s Resolutions? Resolutions are goals we set for ourselves to accomplish during the coming year. Is that it? Well, no, because we can think of the question: what is our life’s purpose? New Year’s Resolutions might be the way to answer that question. If you think about it, humans work better with motivation. A resolution or goal that you set for yourself helps you focus and inspire you to achieve a goal. They are not absolutely necessary, but they set you up to move through the path to get your reward: the satisfaction of completing your dream. Resolutions are not magical; they can motivate you, yet you need to complete specific tasks that lead you to your objective. Here comes the purpose of this article. Resolutions are like an agreement you make with yourself. You have to do something to get the benefits in the end. If you are willing to spend the time achieving your goals, then they are worth it. Otherwise, you can just consider using your time in other activities to help you more. If you struggle to follow your resolutions, here is a tip: don’t be super strict. You are most likely to achieve your goals if you don’t see it as an obligation.

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