Are there other Earth like Planets?

In the Milky Way galaxy there are 10 billion Earth-like planets in the habitable zone of a star similar to our Sun. Scientists are wondering if we can live on some of those Earth-like planets, but there is no telling if it can support life or not. There are many variables that scientists have to take into consideration such as the temperature, water, energy, nutrients, the planets orbit, and the atmosphere it has. Most Earth-like planets are in the habitable zone of its star, and only a handful of them can sustain life long enough for humans to prosper.

Scientists have not found an 100% identical match for a life sustaining planet that could be a contender, and the variables make it hard to find an Earth 2.0. The temperature needed to sustain life is roughly around 15 °C to 110 °C. This temperature makes water stay as a liquid in certain conditions. Water is a key element of life and needs to be on a planet for it to keep life going. Energy is needed for a population to progress technologically in a new world. Solar energy is a contender for progression and so is chemical energy. The atmosphere of the planet needs to be the right size so that radiation from the planet’s home star does not damage organisms, and so that it can defend the planet from meteors of a small size. Earth-like planets also need nutrients in order for life to begin. If there is water, then the cells in organisms will create their own nutrients and make it so that they can become more complex organisms.

There is one planet that scientists are looking at that is one of the closest to Earth and can sustain life. The planet is called TOI 700 d and is roughly the same size as Earth, and its orbit is in the habitable zone of its home star. Scientists have been monitoring the planet for 11 months. It is a planet that still needs more research to identify if it can be a candidate for the next Earth, but scientists have to measure its mass. The weight of the planet can clarify if it is a rocky planet or a gas planet.

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