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Are We More Stupid Because Of Vacation?

After what felt like only a week we are back in school. All of my study habits are gone and I have to recover them in order to have a good semester. There is an abundant comment that most parents worry about and keep on insisting on their children, it is to study during the break.  Does not studying during the break really affect one’s study habits in the semester? or Does it have no effect? This is a question I ask myself throughout the break and has tested to be inconclusive. Most students in younger grade levels read books during the break and maybe even have to do a worksheet of some other class. Students don’t like the idea of this, but they are obligated as the grades of these assignments are seen this semester. I don’t think that the grades this semester will reflect the people that did not study or read during the break. High School students above the 9th grade must focus on studying during the break for the SAT in order to achieve entry in a decent college in which their future will be brighter than if not. According to the “Bookings Organization”- “Students that study in the break, enables all students to make learning gains.”

Borja Echevarria

My name is Borja Echevarria. I am a junior who loves motocross. I am from Spain. My favorite food is shrimp. A word that would describe me would be balanced

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