Area 51 Invasion

For a long time, a lot of people in the United States and many other places around the globe had planned to invade the Military Base in Nevada named Area 51. They created a facebook group that would then accept and go to the military base and invade it to see what was inside. Many people had the thought of aliens and their liberation into modern society. Most of this event was taken as a joke and even used to make content such as memes and jokes on the internet. The time of this event came up a month or so ago and it was very disappointing. A large number of people went and caused noise and annoyance but they did not do anything. Most of this event was as a protest to save the trapped “aliens” and release them. The government of the United States suggested that people do not go to this event as if they did trespass on the military base property they would be able to use deadly force. There was only 1 casualty in this event which was of a man who peed on an electric fence and was sent to the hospital. This event went through a crazy process of administration and nothing occurred.

Borja Echevarria

My name is Borja Echevarria. I am a junior who loves motocross. I am from Spain. My favorite food is shrimp. A word that would describe me would be balanced

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