Athletic Scholarships

As we approach the end of the school year many students in our school community hope to get into colleges using full or partial athletic scholarships. As students who might be considering this option or helping a friend. It is important that we understand all there is about athletic scholarships and how they work.

What are athletic scholarships? Athletic scholarships are pretty much financial aid agreements between a college coach and a student who wants to go to said college. Colleges award star athletes with these deals depending on how good the coach sees the young athlete to be. It is important to note that most scholarships are one-year contracts which can be terminated or continued depending on the college coach assessment of your ability.

How are scholarships given out? Scholarships are given out differently depending on what the sport is and how high division the team giving out scholarships is. High division sports teams usually counted as headcount sports in which the coach is given a certain number of scholarships that cover the full tuition of each athlete. The most common scholarship are equivalency scholarships in which the coach has a certain number of scholarships he can divide however he wants. High valued players get the most coverage while low valued players get the least.

How to get a full scholarship? The best way to get a full scholarship is to fill a critical role at the college that you are applying to. Not all the positions in a particular sport are valued the same, for example in track and field, a sprinter is much more likely to get a full scholarship than a long or high jumper. Another way to ensure a full scholarship is to have multiple schools offering a scholarship. This is a good strategy since the only good leverage an athlete has against college coaches is that he has multiple offers on the table. By having multiple schools vie for you it will ensure that each school is maximizing offers against you.

Davi Lima

Davi, is a 11th grader. He writes sports editorials and is a web designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite sport is soccer.

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