Australian Wildfire

There is a big fire in Australia that has never been seen in history. Due to an increase in temperature, a catastrophic fire started and spread at incredible speeds. 24 people have been killed; three of them were volunteer firefighters. 6.3 million hectares have been burned. We do not know when it will end or how much destruction it will continue to cause.

Many people were affected by this catastrophic event. 1,000 tourists and residents were evacuated by the Australian Navy. Others went to the coast to be closer to the water. Many people lost their houses and their properties. There are thousands of firefighters that are trying to extinguish the fire, and many of them are volunteers. 

The animals are dying in big masses. Many species will be affected; some will be wiped out. The fire spread so fast that the animals cannot escape. This can change the ecosystem and the wildlife to a point of no return. It takes a lot of effort to help the animals, plant more trees, and improve the ecosystem. 

Many scientists think that global warming is the cause of the fire. The temperature of Australia has increased significantly in the last decade. We have to take care of our planet or these problems will keep happening.

Pablo Penaloza

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