Australia’s Wildfires and the Stupidity of Humanity

Australia’s Wildfires and the Stupidity of Humanity

As most of you may know, Australia is on fire. Our planet is on fire. Throughout 2019, the world has been through climate catastrophes because of global warming. We all know that. We are aware of how climate change is leading to the collapse of entire ecosystems; however, humans are not doing anything to stop the imminent threat of climate change and the consequences of it. 

As we start a new year, we begin 2020 in, what I believe, the worst way possible. Although Australia has been burning for over a month and the world has just heard about it, the Australian government did not do enough to stop the fires when they were manageable. I don’t know about you, but this reminds me of what happened in the Chiquitania. In both cases, the government did not do enough. The powerful tend to not do enough, which, in my opinion, is incredibly stupid.

Humans are stupid, not all humans but most humans are. The most powerful continue to ignore the threat of climate change, claiming it is an invention and it is not a real thing. As Greta Thunberg said, “the science has been crystal clear,” but many decide to ignore the scientific facts in order to enrich themselves. It is selfish. Oil companies continue to export and extract oil, thousands of acres of forests are destroyed for agriculture, oceans are continuously contaminated with plastic. We are aware of how much damage we create to our planet, but most of the population continues with those habits. As humans continue to act like our planet is not burning, we are just demonstrating that the smartest species of this world are filled with stupidity. We need to act as if our house was on fire because it literally is. 

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