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“Back to School”

After a chaotic couple of months, it was hard getting back on track with school work. People started to get used to have school online, not have tests, skip assignments since they were formative and, stay home all day. When the situation got better, students were having a hard time adapting to their old habit of going to school. Teachers were behind schedule with the topics they had to cover in class since many people were not completing their work at home. Considering that school had to get back on track, teachers and administration decided that students wouldn’t have finals the first semester.

Now it’s 2020 and everything has changed. The country is doing much better, and so far there have been no disruption days. This year six new students and some new teachers have entered the school despite the country’s problems and a new upcoming election. 

Both students and teachers are starting the year strong. Teachers are preparing students for the semester finals  they will have on May. Many AP students are nervous since the elections are May 3rd, and the AP Exams start the next day. They don’t know if there will be any more problems in the country or if they will be able to take their AP tests for the college board without any problems in the country. Also, the seniors have already applied to college and are starting a new stage in their lives. On the  other hand, juniors are starting to freak out since they have to start looking for universities. This year brings many changes to many people and I wish them luck. Have a nice semester!

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