Banksy’s New Work Vandalized

This past Valentine’s day, the famous British street artist, Banksy posted a picture of a mural painting in art on his Instagram at exactly twelve o’clock. The work is located in the city of Bristol, on the wall of a regular house. The house owners were very excited about the painting and said that they enjoyed that people would come to the house to enjoy and photograph the mural. They also enclosed the painting with plastic coverage. The painting shows a little girl drawn in black and white throwing ivy from a slingshot. The ivy is a real spray-painted ivy, a few meters up from the little girl. Initially, it also included a little flower in the sign in front of the mural, but it was quickly stolen.

Unfortunately, the painting was vandalized a few days after its creation. The plastic coverage applied by the house’s owners was stolen with the flower in the sign. But the worst part without a doubt is the message written with a pink spray: “BCC WANKERS”. The message is supposedly a protest against the Bristol City Council. One of the residents of the area commented on the subject: “It’s a real shame, but it was always going to happen, unfortunately.”

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