Barcelona’s Crisis

More than a billion euros of debt, a still gigantic salary mass, the accounting balance in red … the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, listed on Monday the worrying figures of the crisis that drowns the Catalan club, a “Dramatic” situation that led him to lose Lionel Messi.


“The inheritance we receive is dire, very worrying. From the point of view of the financial situation, dramatic, “Laporta lamented in a press conference in which he shelled the club’s accounts for two hours.


The figures, according to him, have no discussion: Barça has a debt of 1,350 million euros, a salary mass of 617 million euros, “between 25% and 30% more than our competitors”, and his net worth shows a red of 451 million euros, the Barcelona leader listed in the same auditorium at the Camp Nou where he appeared ten days ago to explain Messi’s unexpected goodbye.


“Now we have taken air for a year and a half, but I think that in a couple of years the club’s economy will be healthy,” he added with a more optimistic tone than that day.


Kengui Condori

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