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Being Quarantined Isn’t That Bad

We have been in quarantine for about five months now, and I’m already used to it. At first, I hated it. Now, I don’t even know if I will be able to go back to how things were before Covid-19.

The first weeks being stuck at home were the worst days of my life. I was bored, anxious, stressed, and I couldn’t extricate myself from the same tedious routine I had everyday. Being close to my family so much time made me go nuts since I like my own personal space. I was unmotivated, I wouldn’t talk to anyone, and I would spend the vast majority of the day in my room. Not being able to go to school, see my friends, or even go get some ice cream was making me furious. But then, things started to go in a better direction. 

With the lapse of time, I started to see the best of quarantine. Since I’ve never been too much of an extrovert, I did not miss anything. I didn’t like being around too many people since it gave me social anxiety, and now I don’t have to see anyone. I’ve started to keep myself busy doing new things that kept my mind distracted. Thanks to quarantine, I don’t have to dress properly or worry about my physical appearance. The best part is, I have all the time in the world for myself to get my mental health upright. 

Finally, in these past few months, I realized that I don’t want quarantine to be over. I may not be able to see my friends, go to soccer practice, or even go to school, but I get to spend valuable time with my family. Before all of this craziness, both of my older brothers were in the U.S in college and I missed them terribly. Now, I get to spend the entire day with them having quality time together. We do different activities, we gossip, we bother each other, we even get angry. 

2020 may have been hard to adjust to, but in the end, I would not have spent it any other way.

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