Benefits of Being a Student-Athlete

Sports have always been seen as a way for one to be active and maintain their shape, but there are far more benefits many are not aware of. Sports teach life-lessons, such as perseverance, responsibility, discipline, teamwork, and many more. There have been studies that proved that doing exercise increases blood flow to the brain and build more connections between nerves. This leads to one having an increase in concentration, stimulated creativity, better-developed problem solving skills, and enhanced memory.

Some students may be too lazy to play sports or say they do not have the energy to play them. However, they are not fully aware that student-athletes can do better academically. First of all, playing sports is a great stress reliever since students can get their minds off of schoolwork when playing. Moreover, sports teaches one to accept failure and disappointment and to be preserving instead of giving up.

Furthermore, sports help students attain time management skills since they would learn how to balance schoolwork and practices.
In addition, sports help students strengthen their body and muscles thus keep them healthy. It also helps students be more energetic in general since more oxygen is being pumped in their blood and they are less prone to getting tired throughout the day.

Ariana Montero

My name is Ariana Montero. I am a sophomore who loves playing soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is barbecue. A word that would describe me would be diligent.

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