Benefits of Maintaining a Balanced Diet

  • Energy Level → UPPPP!
      • Empty calories do not give you energy. They may fill your stomach but you will be hungry really quick. Therefore, having a real meal will really help your stomach feel full and keep you energized for hours. 
  • Help Focusing 
      • There are several studies that show that saturated fats may damage your brain tissue. Therefore, you may struggle when you try to focus. 
  • No Stress 
      • Studies show that there are some foods that can moderate the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Therefore, no anxiety and no stress. No pimples! 
  • Keeps you strong 
      • Foods that are very rich in protein and nutrients are crucial to the development of muscles. There are several foods that are rich in vitamin D and B that also contribute to your energy levels. 
  • Easy Digestion
    • Eating healthily will help your body digest food faster. Therefore, no more stomach aches or any other pains related to your digestive system. 


However, this does not mean that you should restrict yourself from other delicious non-healthy foods. You can enjoy them whenever you want but never in excess. Another way to enjoy delicious food is to find healthy alternatives or a healthy version of that food. 


As a student, I believe that keeping a balanced diet is the way to get rid of stomach aches that can make studying complicated or tiring. Also, it can be a really good guide to making your everyday snacks and lunch.

Wara Quintanilla

Hi. I am Brisa, and I am a Junior at ACS. I love music and photography <3

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