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Structures, being a type of art, can be seen all around the world. Many of them obtained huge symbolism. Modern structures are different from ancient ones and show the way of thinking of the world in the modern days. Some of these represent the modern world, with the modern technology available. These wonderful structures, apart from doing what they were designed for, include art, symmetry, and simplicity. Located around many countries, many of these have different purposes in which some redefined architecture itself. 

1. Apple Park (2017)

Located in Cupertino, California, the campus shows a new way of thinking on Apple’s part. This architectural masterpiece shows a different style of headquarters, having large green areas in the center. This 174-acre structure was a culmination of the famous Steve Jobs who he dreamed of in 2004. This artwork resembles a new environment where nature and modernism combine. Simplicity and nature are among the most outstanding marks of the structure.¬†

2. Shanghai Tower (2015)

The Shanghai Tower was completed in 2015 and designed by Genser. It is the tallest building in China, beating various other records. The shape of the building is peculiar since it has no sharp edges making the building asymmetrical. The shape also helps the building with the typhoons and winds from Shanghai. This became a symbol of Shanghai’s outstanding from other buildings in Shanghai.

3. Lusail Iconic Stadium 

This new structure located near Doha, Qatar is the most iconic building built for the 2022 World Cup Qatar. With more than 80,000 seats it will host the world cup final on December 18, 2022. This building was inspired by Qatari culture, with references to local tribes and instruments used during history. This stadium will, later on, be reduced by the seats and there are plans for it to contribute to Qatar society when the world cup ends.

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