Billionaire’s Dream to the Moon

Yusaku Maezawa, a billionaire fashion mogul and art collector from Japan, has announced his agreement with Elon Musk. After paying a massive amount of money to Elon Musk, which was not specified, he has been able to plan a trip to the moon through SpaceX. However, this trip is a lot more special than you think. In 2018, he was named as the first private passenger on the list to be flown around the moon by SpaceX. The mission has finally been planned for 2023.

In the beginning, Yusaku Maezawa had planned to invite “artists” for the voyage on the Starship rocket. He had said, “If you see yourself as an artist, then you are an artist.” He would even pay for their tickets and all the journey costs. Last year, he even launched a documentary in search of a new girlfriend who would be willing to join him on his trip. However, he canceled it due to “mixed feelings”. Since then Mr.Maezawa changed his mind and has decided to invite eight members of the public from all around the world to join him. “I want people from all kinds of backgrounds to join.” There is a selection process that has been explained on a Twitter post he made about his idea. Applicants need to meet two requirements, 1. use whatever activity you are into, to help others around the world and make a greater society, and 2. Be willing to support other crew members that share similar aspirations. He has already bought all the seats and so it will be a private ride. All around the world, videos, tweets, messages, and pictures have been posted in order to get the greatest amount of support and be recognized as a candidate. The mission is called dearMoon and is, once again, scheduled to fly in 2023.

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