Black holes were first discovered by Karl Schwarzschild in 1916. 


As we talked about before stars are mostly made out of hydrogen, stars have to maintain a certain balance between gravity pushing inward and energy being released against it so the star can be stable. As millions of years go by, the hydrogen in a star will deplete causing nuclear fusion and fuse heavier and heavier elements each time until the star’s core becomes iron. As the balance is broken the star collapses under its weight causing either a neutron star or if the star is massive it will just turn into a black 



If you were to look at a black hole you would directly look at the event horizon or the outermost part of a black hole where not even light can’t escape. If you were to escape you would need to be traveling faster than the speed of light which is nearly impossible.


At the center of the black hole, theories say that there is a type of ring called the singularity until now we are not exactly sure what the singularity is. 


If you were to fall into a black hole you would experience time to be slower and slower but reaching the black holes center time would speed up and be able to see the universe speed up almost looking into the future. After crossing the event horizon we certainly don’t know what would happen but the most certain thing is that you would die.

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