Bolivar v. Universidad Catolica

One of Bolivia’s most representative teams faced Ecuador’s Universidad Catolica on Wednesday, March 2 in a duel that looked complicated for the Bolivian team. For starters, with a 1-1 draw in La Paz, Bolivar was obligated to win in order to advance to the next round, or draw and go to a miraculous round of penalties. However, in the second leg in Ecuador, they were a timid and poorly prepared team, with two goals conceded in the first 45 minutes. And with a late reaction that would end up eliminating them. 


The performance of the team from La Paz was incomprehensible, because with great players, new and expensive signings, it was expected a match where the Bolivian team would dominate. Unfortunately, with this defeat, they were left out of the Libertadores Cup and any chance of reaching the South American Cup. They only have the Bolivian league left, where they are normally favorites to be champions.

Kengui Condori

Hi I am Kengui Condori, I am in 12th grade. I love to play soccer and all kind of sports. I am from Bolivia and I love to eat salteña.

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