Bolivian Soccer Team

The Bolivian team was founded on September 12, 1925. The team is known by its pseudonym “La Verde” for the color of the uniform and its organization is in charge of the FBF (Bolivian Football Federation for its acronyms in Spanish), which is affiliated with FIFA.


It has participated three times in the Soccer World Cup (1930, 1950 and 1994). In the 1930 World Cup it participated as a guest, in 1950 it managed to qualify after the withdrawal of Argentina and Peru, and in the 1994 edition, it got to play in the World Cup qualifiers. During this time, the Bolivian team was led by Xabier Azkargorta, whose superb coaching skills, allowed them to beat Uruguay and win a match against Brazil(this was the first defeat of Brazil in a World Cup qualifier!). Some of the most prominent soccer players on the team were Marco Antonio Etcheverry,also known as “El Diablo ”,, along with Raúl Quinteros and Julio César Baldivieso.


Moreover, Bolivia participated 26 times in the Copa América,won the 1963 edition and was also sub champion in the 1997 edition. Because of these consequent victories, they managed to qualify for the first, and only, time to the FIFA Confederations Cup in the 1999 edition.


In youth leagues, Bolivia won the 1986 U-17 South American Championship and won the gold medal at the Olympic Games of the Youth, after beating Haiti in the final of  2010.


Currently, the team is led by Cesar Farías and the most distinguished players are, Guimer Justiniano (defender), Erwin Sánchez (center halfback), Alejandro Chumacero (center halfback), Jhasmany Campos (center halfback), Danny Bejarano (center halfback), Juan Carlos Arce (front), Henry Vaca (front) and Romel Quiñones (Goalkeeper).


Let’s go Bolivia!

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